Replay Radio #105 April 3, 2010

by dave | Playlists

Using science to prove if 45 RPMs sounds better than 33RPMs.

Federation X – Slave Song

Federation X – Madness

Leatherface – My Worlds End (cut at 33 RPMs)

Leatherface – My Worlds End (cut at 45 RPMs)

Boyracer – Dark Wing

Botracer – Faith Seeds

Boyracer – Final Day

Japanese Monsters – Denny’s On The Sixty

Japanese Monsters – Chicken Feet

The Rolling Stones – Sweet Black Angel

The Rolling Stones – Turd On The Run

The Bananas – Pink Tuxedo

The Bananas – Feel Good Hit Of The Summer

The Bananas – Things Will Get Worse

Against Me! – Suffocation

Against Me! – Joy

Band Of Horses – Great Salt Lake

Band Of Horses – Cigarettes Wedding Bands

The Clash – Clash City Rockers