Replay Radio #143 Jan 22, 2011

by dave | Playlists

Second crossover episode with Matt / Fear Me As A Dictator.  This week The Dictator pics hits from the Replay Files and we chat, a lot.

Pantera – Fucking Hostile

Black Sabbath – Neon Nights

Railsplitter – #3

Supersuckers – One Cigarette Away

The Arrivals – You Make Me A Creep

The Y – Freaking Out Squares

UniformChoice – Straight And Alert

Pinhead Gunpowder – 2nd St.

As Friends Rust – Coffee Black

Didjits – Killboy Powerhead

Damnation A.D. – Bitter

Eggplant – All I Can Do

Engine Kid – Windshield

Franklin – Sliding