fear me as a dictator 46

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bikini kill carnival s/t Kill Rock Stars
burning kitchen non eater damned if you do altera anti fasict
burning kitchen missed the train damned if you do alterta anti fasict
eggplant played for and lost played for Elephant Records
diet cokeheads m dumptruck Ocular 7″ Vinyl Rites
grade stolen bikes ride faster triumph and tragedy vicotry
quit rouza demo none
shudder to think lies above the sky funeral at movies dischord
into another herbivore poison fingers revaltion
admirel fit revolving ebullition
moss icon memorial memorial veriform
jawbox chinese forktie 45 EP desoto
fury resurrection resurrection THD
Refused Hook Line & Sinker Songs to fan.. EVR
Machine Sick Sick Youthbus
Chain of Strength Too Deep Unitl Now One Thing That Still Holds True Revelation