fear me as a dictator 57

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desperat-vi forstor var jord  demokrati eller diktatur?  7″  De Nihil records

spite-spite  last orders 7″ blind destruction records

defiance- intro/future is darkness  meaningful consolidation hardcore punk compilation 7″ blurred records

acrostix-wax and wane   dear daily life lp freedom fighter records

downfall-long way to go they don’t get paid, they don’t get laid but boy they do work hard comp lp marr records

hose got cable-?  all the presidents men comp lp  old glory

cupid car club-mlp.skulkers  rock stars kill comp lp  kill rock starts

reaction- in society   killed by florida comp lp la rebulica

abraham cross-pointless tooth peach can’t combine lp crust war

X-home is where the floor is why march when you can riot  comp lp ripost records

flipper- ha ha ha ha  s/t 7″ subterranean

fearless iranians from hell-blow up the embassy  s/t 7″ boner

life’s blood human power Murders among us comp 7″ veriform

absolution-dead and gone “”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””

nausea-electrodes “””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””

Born Against- the good father “”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””