Hear Her Radio 43 5/14/12

by jess | Playlists

The Day The World Turned to Day-Glo – X Ray Spex
Fuchsia Rayon – Westside Lockers
I Don’t Wanna Be Too Cool – Kate Fagan
Trash – The Doll
Killer On The Road – Babes In Toyland
Ribonflavin-flavored, Non-carbonated, Polyunsaturated Blood – 45 Grave
Spooky – Lydia Lunch
Of Love – Whoo Elements
Eyes (Second Death) – Voodoo Church
Chopsley, Rabid Bikini Model – The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black
Little Sister – Nico
Stand Next To Me – Bad Banana
Hurtin’ Kind – The Bittersweets
Eating Toothpaste – Bratmobile
St Petersburg – Brazilian Girls
Something To Do – Buba & the Shop Assistants
Trois Balenies Blanches Sur Chinoise Mer – Wondeur Brass