fear me as a dictator 75

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Problem Child   5:47    AC/DC   Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
07 Second Coming        1:41    Battalion Of Saints     Second Coming
Clenched Fists, Black Eyes      1:31    7 Seconds       The Crew
Left of the Dial        3:47    The Replacements        Tim
Rays On Pinion  7:36    Baroness        Red Album       Metal
A Monument To Failure   1:00    Assuck  Misery Index
Sound System    2:14    Operation Ivy   Operation Ivy: Energy
Checkmate       1:35    Rorschach       Autopsy
Panic and Hysteria      5:40    Lungfish        Sound in time
Hold On 3:46    Alabama Shakes  Boys & Girls
Driving Sideways        3:47    Aimee Mann      Magnolia
Timebomb        3:08    Old 97’s        Too Far to Care Country
Wheres The Unity?       1:35    Infest  Discography     Power-Violence
Life’s Currency Aftermath       1:28    Capitalist Casualties   Disassembly Line
Ritual  4:30    Bolt Thrower    The IVth Crusade
Nine Years Later        2:22    Born Against    nine patriotic hymns for