The Big Island Mix #0104: 90s Dancehall

by mrmagnum | Playlists

The Big Island Mix by Mr. Magnum Cover Photo

Weekly Mix of Music from the Caribbean by your Favorite DJ, Mr. Magnum


  • Mud Up by Super Cat on Mud Up Riddim
  • Tatie by Snagga Puss on Mud Up Riddim
  • Its Raining by Lady Saw on Mud Up Riddim
  • Benti Uno by Pinchers & Bounty Killer on Mud Up Riddim
  • Bury Yuh Dead by Beenie on Mud Up Riddim
  • Teenie Weenie by Beenie Man on Medicine Riddim
  • Little n Cute by Frisco Kid on Medicine Riddim
  • Sweet And Sour by Sweet And Sour on Medicine Riddim
  • Machine Gun Kelly by Spragga Benz on Medicine Riddim
  • Goodas Girl by Baby Cham on Medicine Riddim
  • Hice It Up by Lady Saw on Cloak and Dagger Riddim
  • Bashment Sittin by Tanto Metro & Devonte on Cloak and Dagger Riddim
  • Oysters and Conch by Beenie Man on Cloak and Dagger Riddim
  • Goggle by Tanya Stephens on Cloak and Dagger Riddim
  • Big Things A Gwan by Daddy Screw & Donovon Steele on Pepperseed Riddim
  • Miss Angella by Beenie Man on Pepperseed Riddim
  • Number 2 by Terror Fabulous on Pepperseed Riddim
  • Love In Excess by Wayne Wonder on Pepperseed Riddim
  • No Gyal by Louie Culture on Pepperseed Riddim
  • Wifee by Dugsy Ranks on Pepperseed Riddim
  • Wicked Slam by Beenie Man on Arab Attack Riddim
  • Wicked Ride by Beenie Man on Arab Attack Riddim
  • Only Man by Buju Banton on Arab Attack Riddim
  • Miss Bonafide by Daddy Screw on Arab Attack Riddim
  • W by Spragga Benz on Arab Attack Riddim
  • Funny Guy by Professor Nutz on Arab Attack Riddim
  • Quarter To Twelve by Simpleton on Quarter To Twelve Riddim
  • Anti Christ by Captain Barkley on Quarter To Twelve Riddim
  • Peanut Punch by Fabby Dolly on Quarter To Twelve Riddim
  • Erkle by Snagga PUss on Quarter To Twelve Riddim
  • Mocking the Dread by Bubba on Quarter To Twelve Riddim
  • Dun Wife by Mad Cobra on Quarter To Twelve Riddim
  • Old Dog by Beenie Man on Stink Riddim
  • Hot Gal by Alley Cat on Stink Riddim
  • Go Go Wine by General Degree on Stink Riddim
  • The Mass by Baby Cham on Stink Riddim
  • Dreamland by Wayne Wonder & Frisco Kid on Stink Riddim
  • Worthless Boy by Bounty Killer on Haunted Riddim
  • Woman We Name by Lady Saw on Haunted Riddim
  • The Best by Wayne Wonder on Haunted Riddim
  • Many Many by Baby Cham on Haunted Riddim
  • Dolly House by Spragga Benz on Haunted Riddim
  • No Skettel by Ricky General on Hot Wax Riddim
  • War by Bounty Killer on Hot Wax Riddim
  • Suspense by Bounty Killer on Hot Wax Riddim
  • Gal A Chat by Mad Cobra on Hot Wax Riddim
  • Memories by Beenie Man on Hot Wax Riddim
  • Anything For You by Snow ft Nadine Sutherland, Beenie Man, Buju Banton, Terror Fabulous, Louie Culture & Culture Knox
  • Dancehall Queen by Beenie Man & Chevell Franklin
  • Girls Dem Sugar by Beenie Man ft Mya
  • Romie by Beenie Man
  • Who Am I by Beenie Man on Playground Riddim
  • Infiltrate by Sean Paul on Playground Riddim
  • Nike Air by Mr. Vegas on Playground Riddim

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