New Music Added: Plastic Mermaids, Stephen Malkmus, Swervedriver, White Denim

by RadioRabbler | News

New Music recently added to the WGOT music library

Plastic Mermaids new track, “Floating In A Vacuum” from their new album, “Suddenly Everybody Explodes”.  The Plastic Mermaids are a five piece UK psych rock that formed about five years ago. And “Floating In A Vaccum” is said to be a song about…
floating in space. Now what could be better?

Stephen Malkmus and “Viktor Borgia” from “Groove Denied”. Yes, that’s the same Stephen Malkmus of the classic indie rock band, Pavement! Malkmus has embarked on a solo career in recent years. “Viktor Borgia” is from his forthcoming electronic album, “Groove Denied” to be released next month.

Swervedriver and “Spiked Flower” from their new album, “Future Ruins”
From the UK, Swervedriver were the first wave of Shoegaze bands that appeared on the music scene in the early 1990’s when alternative rock was all the rage. While Swervedriver were heavily promoted here in the USA on Modern Rock FM radio and MTV, they failed to breakthrough. But now that the Shoegaze sound has become a fairly significant musical trend in recent years, Swervedriver is back with that great track
from the new album, “Future Ruins”.

From Austin, Texas that’s White Denim and “Shanalala” from from their forthcoming album, “Side Effects” to be released next month.