Departure 273

by markus | Playlists

  1. Waterphone by Seabear from Waterphone single
  2. Suburban Heights (Live at The Nave) by Working Men’s Club from Bad Blood / Suburban Heights
  3. Jamais vu by Beauty Parlor from Fall In Love EP
  4. Petty Thieving by Feet from What’s Inside Is More Than Just Ham
  5. Coal in Your Window by Skye Wallace from Skye Walllace
  6. Turn Up the Radio (feat. Victor Le Masne) by Jenn Champion from Turn Up the Radio single
  7. Gimme One Euro by Elizabeth II from Two Margaritas at the Fifty Five EP
  8. Mallory by bed. from Replay
  9. Gemini by The Belafontes from Gemini single
  10. Thought. Mouth. by FIDLAR from Almost Free
  11. You shine on me (feat. Boys) by HOLY from You shinie on me single
  12. I’m Out Of Your Mind by De Staat from Bubble Gum
  13. Social Media Boy by Dirty Sound Magnet from Social Media Boy single
  14. A Place in the Sun by Telekinesis from Effluxtion
  15. Morning Coffee 2017 (7 Inch Mix) by Blackpool Astronomy from Resistance Compilation: In Support of the Southern Poverty Law Center
  16. Koresh by Strangejuice from The Sound of Prozac