Departure 282

by markus | Playlists

  1. 13-7 by LAULIA from 13-7/Outcast Kids
  2. Free Gloss (feat. Nick Allbrook of Pond) by Holy Fuck from Deleter
  3. Good God Regina It’s a Bomb by Mating Ritual from Hot Content
  4. Context by Temples from Hot Motion
  5. Before The Bombs by Death Cab for Cutie from The Blue EP
  6. White Noise White Heat by Elbow from Giants Of All Sizes
  7. Fishing by Sports Team from Making Hay EP
  8. Masquerade! by The Orange Kyte from Carousel
  9. A Bit of a Birthday by Heavy Lungs from Measure EP
  10. A Strange Perfume by The Membranes from What Nature Gives…Nature Takes Away
  11. Egocandy by Rev Rev Rev from Kykeon
  12. Mickey by Elizabeth II from Two Margaritas at the Fifty Five
  13. Drunk by Voiid from Drool
  14. Flowers of Light by Caspian from On Circles