Departure 286

by markus | Playlists

  1. Dive by Beach House from 7
  2. Lost At Sea by Girl York from Dreaming In 505
  3. No Fear In Love by Primitive Heart from No Fear In Love
  4. Glass Rain by Scenius
  5. Neuromancer by Husbands from Karlstad EP
  6. So Down by Mother Mother from Dance And Cry
  7. Dead Fox by Courtney Barnett from Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit
  8. saw her first by oh!no-ok. from randy warhole (or somethin)
  9. Centerfold by Smallpools from The Science of Letting Go EP
  10. La De Da by Ralph Pelleymounter from Dead Debutante’s Ball
  11. Hey With Two Whys by Gender Roles from PRANG
  12. Chicken by Umbrella Assassins from Cambridge Calling Vol 1
  13. Downfall by The Orange Kyte from Carousel
  14. Come Easy by Black Nite Crash from Conflict of Disinterest
  15. One Of These Days by Thrillhouse