Departure 296

by markus | Playlists

  1. You’re Not An Island by 6TH CROWD from Avoid The Void
  2. Veronica by Pompadour from Cut to the Chase EP
  3. Baby Mona Lisa by sands
  4. Never a Low by Gengahr from Sanctuary
  5. Synesthesia by Shallow Waves from Songs from Quarantine: A Compilation
  6. A Brave New World by Shane Tutmarc
  7. There Will Always Be a Light by Catholic Action from Celebrated By Strangers
  8. We Can Dream by The Churchhill Garden from Songs from Quarantine: A Compilation
  9. The Wrong Decisions For The Wrong Reasons by Tears On Demand from Tears On Demand
  10. Where Do You Go When You Dream? by Woods from Strange To Explain
  11. Braindead by Harvey Fox from Lullabies for the Restless
  12. Life Online by Bacchae from Pleasure Vision
  13. Crocodile by Melt Yourself Down from 100% Yes
  14. Breathless by Gallus
  15. La battue by Feu Follet from La forêt oubliée