Departure 310

by markus | Playlists

  1. Kids by Haunted Mansions from Rebel News
  2. Stronger by Two Another
  3. Pressure in This Town by Bert Brett
  4. Friend Machine by Nation of Language from Introduction, Presence
  5. Cool Bikini Cool by Schwarze Fiktion
  6. Valley of Song by Camarano from Shadow Calling
  7. Cops by Other Lives from For Their Love
  8. 7 on Up by Soft Set from Never Die / 7 On Up
  9. Never Come Down by THE NEVERLY BOYS from Dark Side of Everything
  10. Killer Scene by Pale Honey
  11. Fashion Tips For The Apocalypse by The Distortionists from Call The Shots
  12. It Used To Be Love by Space Raft from Call The Shots
  13. Picture Baby by Water Trash from Tomorrow Again
  14. AEIOU by Wye Oak from No Horizon