Departure 328

by markus | Playlists

  1. Young Man’s Game by Fleet Foxes from Shore
  2. Are We Alright Again? by Eels from Earth To Dora
  3. Social Climber by Crocodylus
  4. Hesitating Nation by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah from New Fragility
  5. Cherub by Ball Park Music from Ball Park Music
  6. Man in My Radio by Lucius
  7. Confetti Cannon by Color Tongue from Worry Wart EP
  8. Little Bit Longer by Future Generations
  9. Killer (Ft Anastasia Panchenko) by Xeresa from II
  10. Marmalade by Gallus
  11. Spit by Fuzz from III
  12. Wild Horses by Sego
  13. Be My Guest by Working Men’s Club from Working Men’s Club
  14. Twist by Pressor from Tomorrow Again