Departure 345

by markus | Playlists

  1. CONNECTION by Jax Anderson from BEDROOM B-SIDES: VOLUME 1
  2. Catch a Fade by Nothing from The Great Dismal
  3. Talking to Myself by Morningwhim from Talking to Myself / Smoke from Cigarettes
  4. I Wanna Be Like You by Psychedelic Porn Crumpets
  5. Circles by Pops Tuna
  6. Dreams of Losing Teeth by Suave Punk
  7. Exposure by Aura Zorba from Glitter Days Are Gone
  8. Gemini (Feat: David Katz) by Jeremy Bastard from Everyone is History, There is No Memory
  9. Psychic Data (Edit) by TVAM from Psychic Data
  10. Fuerte Ventura by Leeches from Easy
  11. Sexorexia by L.A. WITCH from Play With Fire
  12. Stardust by The Asteroid No.4 from Northern Songs
  13. Begin Again by New Candys from Vyvyd
  14. Take It by GHLOW from Slash and Burn