Jan 31 2019

Gainesville Grooves

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Hosted by: Gargs Allard

Celebrate the rich musical tradition of Gainesville music every week with Gainesville Grooves, hosted by Gargs Allard and broadcast from the music mecca of downtown Gainesville, Florida. Once named the number one place to start a band by Spin Magazine, Gainesville has continued to be a haven and creative portal for artists of all kinds. Having been blessed by the Music Gods since the days of Tom Petty, Stephen Stills and Don Felder – Gainesville Grooves keeps you up to date on all the great new music coming out of this former one-story town, by honoring its past and staying in awe of the musical empowerment that often happens here when a University of Florida student or college dropout comes to this town and becomes infected by its creative magic. Be sure to catch archived episodes of the show on the Mixcloud page of the Gainesville Grooves.