Jan 31 2019

Power Pop Portal

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Hosted by: Gargs Allard

Power Pop Portal airs every week on WGOT LP Gainesville, Florida 100.1 FM and features host Gargs Allard as your pope of power pop. Inspired by ‘60s British and American pop and rock, power pop is catchy guitar-based music with elements of searing riffs, strong melodies, crisp vocal harmonies and light arrangements. Featuring music inspired by the early Beatles, from the Kinks to Big Star to Fountains of Wayne; and from The Who to Cheap Trick to The Hussy’s – Power Pop Portal brings you the best melodic music from yesterday and today. If you wonder where all the good music has gone, you’ll discover some of it here along with classics and deep tracks from the good old days, when quality music and popular music were once one and the same. But no hard and fast rules here: The show will not only play power pop but melodic rock and pop as well. Missed a show? Catch archived episodes on the Mixcloud page of Power Pop Portal.