Music Mosaic #60

by ed | Playlists

Look back at some early 90’s rock hits.

  1. Here Comes Your Man by Pixies from Pixies
  2. Cherub Rock by The Smashing Pumpkins from Siamese Dream
  3. Creep by Radiohead from Pablo Honey
  4. Plush by Stone Temple Pilots from Core
  5. Low by Cracker from Kerosene Hat
  6. Pepper by Butthole Surfers from Electriclarryland
  7. Loser by Beck from Mellow Gold
  8. Pets by Porno for Pyros from Porno for Pyros
  9. Cannonball by The Breeders from Last Splash
  10. Been Caught Stealing (12″ remix version) by Jane’s Addiction from Been Caught Stealing
  11. Sabotage by Beastie Boys from Ill Communication
  12. Jerry Was a Race Car Driver by Primus from Sailing the Seas of Cheese
  13. Territorial Pissings by Nirvana from Nevermind
  14. Jesus Built My Hotrod by Ministry from ΚΕΦΑΛΗΞΘ

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One Response to “Music Mosaic #60”

  1. barryon 22 Nov 2009 at 1:29 pm

    Whoa! best of 1989-1995 Damn!
    I was just thinking about “Jesus Built My Hotrod” yesterday. It’s a love affair, mainly Jesus and my car. I kicked it to every one of those songs in high school.
    I challenge you to go Junior High and kick out the Def Leppard and EMF.