Black Kill Death @ 11 PM

by djangri | Playlists

repeat from May 2009

Stith, DM Issac’s Song Heavy Ghost
Fuck Buttons Sweet Love for Planet Earth Street Horrrsing
Black Dice Ultra Vomit Craze Repo Man
Boredoms Ant 10 Super Roots Vol. 10
Painkiller Parish of Tama (Ussuary Dub) Collected Works
Mono Everlasting Light Hymn to the Immortal Wind
Volcano the Bear Gabriel Catonapotato
Kites Downward/Creepy Crawl Peace Trials
Wolf Eyes Urine Burn Burned Mind
Wolf Eyes Rattlesnake Shake Burned Mind
Wolf Eyes Burned Mind Burned Mind
Wolf Eyes Ancient Delay Burned Mind
Skullflower Blown Dukes Last Shot to Heaven
Yellow Swans Endlessly Making An End of Things At All Ends
Deacon, Dan Slow with Horns/Race for Your Life Bromst
Stith, DM Braid of Voices Heavy Ghost