fear me as a dictator 14

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Track  5                       1:27 Gauze (Title in Japanese)
Wanderlust 4:30 Baroness Red album
In The Flat Field 4:59 Bauhaus In The Flat Field Rock
Sad and Beautiful World 3:20 Grabass Charlestons Sad and Beautiful World
Step On 5:18 Happy Mondays Pills ‘n’ Thrills And Bellyach
Accident Prone 4:25 Gus Fifteen Songs
XOX 2:28 Hot Snakes Suicide Invoice
Santa Teresa En Fuego. 1:59 Die Hoffnung Love Songs
Just Don’t Say You Lost It 3:11 Hot Water Music Forever & Counting
Morning Light 2:22 Ida Maria Fortress ’round My Heart
Some Weird Sin 3:42 Iggy Pop Lust For Life
Sick of Talk 0:35 Infest Discography
That’s Entertainment 3:35 The Jam The Sound of The Jam
Fix Me 0:58 Black Flag Nervous Breakdown
Life Of Pain 2:35 Black Flag Damaged Hardcore
I Love You 3:27 Black Flag My War Hardcore