fear me as a dictator 84

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sourpatch       sky is falling/into you mira mija 7″    hhbtm
carcass exhume to consume       symphonies of sickness  earache
celtic frost    eternal summer  to mega therion combat
napalm death    twist the knife fear emptiness despair  earache
slayer  catalyst        christ illusion american
radon   grandma cootie  28      no idea
This Bike is a Pipe Bomb        Depression      Front Seat Solidarity   Plan-it-X south
nirvana stay away       nevermind       geffen
fugazi  argument        the argument    dischord
forward war and death sentence  war nuke and death sentence     Prank
prince  uptown  dirty mind      Warner Bros.
Sisters of Mercy        black planet    first and last and always       Electra
freddie hubbard straight life   straight life   cti
The 2nd Ave. Shuffle – Feb 14 201