Departure 279

by markus | Playlists

  1. She Knows by Graham Coxon from The End of The F***ing World 2 (Original Songs and Score)
  2. I Liked It When You Weren’t Yourself by The Sunday League
  3. I’ll Be The One You’re Growing Old With by repeat repeat from Glazed
  4. I’ll Never Want a BF by Bec Sandridge from TRY + SAVE ME
  5. The Running Styles of New York by The Tallest Man On Earth from I Love You. It’s A Fever Dream.
  6. N.J.F.D. by Sipper
  7. Look (Who Has Decided After All) by EUT from Fool For The Vibes
  8. Step Up by Le Trouble from Success Mountain
  9. Something You Can Rely by Matthew Tavares
  10. The Delicate Balance of All Things (ft. Wayne Hussey) by Beauty in Chaos from The Storm Before The Calm
  11. Little Drama by Mike Krol from Power Chords
  12. Sea Of Love (Ocean of Hate) by The Orange Kyte from Carousel
  13. Checkmate by Hot Snakes from Checkmate/Not in Time
  14. Vile Crocodile by Teenage Dads
  15. High Rise by somesurprises from somesurprises