Last One In #44

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Original Air Dat 08/27/2016

Grabass Charlestons – I Like Cats

The Ergs! – Every Romance Language
The Ex-Boyfriends – Journey to the Land of Stupid
The Copyrights – Weapons of Math Destruction
The Capitalist – Kids 3 Dates/Police Brutality
The Ramones – I Just Want to Have Something to do

Strike Anywhere – Laughter In A Police State
Plow United – Collapse
Nirvana – Rape Me
Talking Heads – Love -> Building on fire
Brocoli – I Am A Robot
Kindling – Black Eye

Tragedy – The Point of No Return
His Hero Is Gone – Like Weeds
From Ashes Rise – The Final Goodbye
Cold Dead Hands – Old Habits

NOFX – six years on Dope
Too Many Daves – Dudes Room
True North – Part Deux
The Vandals – My Girlfriend’s Dead


Last One In #43

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Orginal Air Dat 08/20/2016

Die Hoffnung – Stonecutter

Crusades – Parable I/Parable II
The Observers – Where I Stay
The Replacements – Left of the Dial
Shellshag – Resilient Bastard

Fucked Up – Magic Kingdom
Minor Threat – Minor Threat
Gorilla Biscuits – Start Today
Off With Their Heads – S.O.S.
Operation Ivy – The Crowd

Murder By Death – Fuego!
toyGuitar – In This Mess
X-Ray Spex – Warrior In Woolworths
The Jam – In The City
Gorrila Angreb – Timen Er Kommet
Dead Bars – Emergency

Greg Kihn – The Breakup Song
Weezer – Susanne
Rancid – Warsaw

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