Collect/Compose Ep. 4 2/19/09

by admin | Playlists


  • Intro Collage includes:
  • -Major Organ and the Adding Machine–“His Mister’s Pet Whistles”
  • -Black Dice–“Motorcycle”
  • -Sound clips from the Yes Men, Simpsons, Most Gigantic Lying Mouth of All Time (Radiohead) O’Reilly Factor, and “Savage Nation”


  1. Man Man–“The Ballad Of Butter Beans”
  2. Figurines–“Ambush”
  3. Doves–“Walk In The Fire”
  4. The National–“Apartment Story”
  5. “Anonymous” Collage
  6. Clues–“Perfect Fit”
  7. White Rabbits–“I Used to Complain Now I Don’t”
  8. Animal Collective–“Fireworks”
  9. “Endless Dispute” Collage
  10. Radiohead–“Go To Sleep”
  11. The Rapture–“Pieces Of The People We Love”
  12. The Spinto Band–“Summer Grof”
  13. Caribou–“Sandy”
  14. Department of Eagles–“Teenagers”
  15. Cloud Cult–“Everybody Here Is A Cloud”