Hear Her Radio 20 8/29/11

by jess | Playlists

5 Year Old Angst – Finally Punk

Perks – Finally Punk

Its Not On TV – Snarlaz

The Punk Singer – Julie Ruin

Elf/526 Kids – White Lung

How To Tell Yourself From a Television – Erase Errata

For All The Boys In The World – Chicks On Speed

Big Pot – Dog Faced Hermans

We’re Still Alive – The Two Funerals

Simon Says – Marnie Stern

Queen of the Sketch Patrol – Des Ark

Fall Asleep – Screaming Females

Mina Loy – Thurston Moore

Hello Darkness – Shocking Blue

Diet Mtwn Dew - Lana Del Ray

I Feel Like Going Home – Yo La Tengo

Bees – Warpaint

Memorize The City – The Organ