Replay Radio

by dave | Playlists

Saturday 4-5 PM

  1. Able Baker Fox- October
  2. Able Baker Fox- Face On Fire
  3. Beastie Boys- Funky Boss
  4. Beastie Boys- Time For Livin’
  5. Jimi Hendrix- Little Wing
  6. Neil Young- Man Needs A Maid
  7. Neil Young- Heart Of Gold
  8. Fleshies- Satelite
  9. Fleshies- Brown Viking
  10. Swarm- Invincible at 1AM
  11. Ninja Gun- Red State Blues
  12. Ninja Gun- Front Yard Screamers (Kitchen Kissers)
  13. Tom Waits- Everything Goes To Hell
  14. Tom Waits- Coney Island Baby
  15. Asshole Parade- As Nails Rust
  16. Asshole Parade- Hoggetowne Anthem
  17. The Cramps- What’s Inside A Girl?
  18. The Cramps- Chicken
  19. The Misfits- Who Killed Marylin?
  20. The Misfits- American Nightmare
  21. Billy Reese Peters- South On 75
  22. Billy Reese Peters- What’s Up Ding Dong?
  23. This Is My Fist- Hooray For The Home Team
  24. Al Hirt- Green Hornet