Replay Radio #29

by dave | Playlists

Fest 7 Preview

1. Whiskey & Co. – High Life

2. The Supersuckers- Good Livin’

3.The Supersuckers – Good Night For My Drinking

4.The Ergs!-Extra Medium/Kind of Like Smitten/First Song, Side One/A Very Special Song For  AVery Pretty Lady

5.Atom And His Package- What We Do On Christmas

6.Atom And His Package- (Lord It’s to Be Happy WHen You’re Not) Using The Metric System

7.The ‘Tone- Pauline

8. The ‘Tone- This Is A High

9. Misfits- Hybrid Moments

10.Morissey- Interesting Drug

11.The Smiths- Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now

12. Against Me!- Americans Abroad

13.Against Me!-Joy

14.Superchunk- Detroit Has A Skyline

15.Superchunk- The Majestic

16.Pinhead Gunpowder- Cabot Gal

17.Pinhead Gunpowder- 27

18.Big Business- Bring On The Waterworks

19. Faith No More- Easy