Back of the Bus

by pelicanbone | Playlists

Beck – untitled 1

Why don’t you live so god can use you – Corey Harris and Henry Butler

Townes Van Zandt – Who do you love? – Flying shoes

John Lee Hooker, Booker T. and Randy California – Red house

Bob myers – right kind of life

Kim simmonds – House Lady Blues

Beedle um bum – C. W. Stoneking

John Dee Holeman – One black rat

Tatty’s gone because Amy said so! – Kevin Wayne Clark

Devil in the bottle- Lynyrd Skynrd

Landlord blues- Hillstomp

Truck holler no.1 – Watermelon Slim

Phonograph blues – Paul James

Sky High – Blues for the green

Professor Longhair – doin’ it

Tee Ni Nee Na Nu – Henry Gray & Rudi Richard