Collect/Compose Ep. 5 2/28/09

by admin | Playlists


  1. Intro Collage, “The Market,” includes: DJ Shadow–“Mutual Slump”
  2. Okkervil River–“Pop Lie”
  3. Radiohead–“Just”
  4. Pavement–“Elevate Me Later”
  5. The Olivia Tremor Control–“I Have Been Floated”
  6. The National–“Karen”
  7. “Conspiracy” Collage–Includes “From Here We Go Sublime” by The Field and “Bad Crumbs” by Animal Collective
  8. The Walkmen–“On The Water”
  9. Modest Mouse–“Dark Center Of The Universe”
  10. Liars–“Cycle Time”
  11. The Cure–“Pictures of You”
  12. Fleet Foxes–“Ragged Wood”
  13. “Crisis” Collage–includes “Suite For the Ways Things Change” by Prefuse 73
  14. Los Campesinos!–“You!  Me!  Dancing!”
  15. Closing Collage, “Light”, includes the Intro track from the album Bryter Layter by Nick Drake