Music Mosaic #41

by ed | Playlists

Drum ‘n Bass exploration #2.

  1. Success (Thievery Corporation remix) from Revisited By by DJ Cam
  2. Cold Blooded from Cold Blooded by Soul Intent
  3. Tense Passed (Chook remix) from The Black Box by Cern
  4. Contra (feat. Lomax) from Contra / Keep Their Heads Ringing by Xample
  5. Flashback from Future Without Past LP by Specific
  6. Hang On from Spartan / Hang On by Icicle
  7. Musk Up from The Black Box by Nocturnal
  8. Red Velvet (feat. State of Mind) (Vip mix) from Firing Squad (SKC remix) / Red Velvet (Vip mix) by Black Sun Empire
  9. Unknown from Close Your Eyes / Unknown by Bungle
  10. Night Cry from Blockbuster EP by Daze & Whizz