Hippie Sessions – #2

by stan | Playlists

1.  Street Worm – Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus by Spirit
2.  Easy Does It – Easy Does It by Al Kooper
3.  21st Century schizoid man – In the court of the Crimson King by King Crimson
4.  Shotgun – Near the Beginning by Vanilla Fudge
5.  Sweet Lorraine – Magician’s Birthday by Uriah Heep
6.  Come Live with Me – Brief Replies by Ten Wheel Drive with Genya Ravan
7.  Keep your Lamp trimmed and Burnin’ – Fillmore the last days by Hot Tuna
8.  Bloodsucker – Deep Purple in Rock by Deep Purple
9.  Faster than the speed of life – The Second by Steppenwolf
10.Mississippi Queen – Climbing by Mountain
11.A little more wine – Raw Sienna by Savoy Brown