Hippie Sessions #6

by stan | Playlists

1.  People got to be free – Freedom Suite by The Rascals
2.  More Often than Not – Blue River by Eric Anderson
3.  I can’t take it – No Dice by Badfinger
4.  Wasn’t born to follow – Wanted by the Notorius Byrd Brothers
5.  Ain’t got nothing yet – Psychedelic Lollipop by Blues Magoos
6.  Just a little bit – Outsideinside by Blue Cheer
7.  Hold on – by Ballin’ Jack
8.  It’s a Groovey World – Better Times Are Coming by Rhinocerous
9.  Save the Planet – Roadwork album by Edgar Winter’s White Trash
10. Lost in my dream – Spooky Two album by Spooky Tooth
11. Squeeze Me – Waitress at a donut factory by Maria Muldaur
12. Sea of Joy – by Blind Faith
13. Let a Woman Flow – Marrying Maiden album by It’s a Beautiful Day