Hippie Sessions #34

by stan | Playlists

The Band–The Last Waltz–Up on Cripple Creek
Baldry, John–It ain’t easy– Mr. Rubin
Bee Gees–1st– I can’t see nobody
Blodwyn Pig–Getting to this–Drive Me
Big Brother and the Holding Co.–Down on Me
Allman Brothers Band–Idlewild South–Leave my blues at home
Anderson, Eric–Blue River–Around the Bend
Amboy Dukes–Marriage on the rocks–Brest fed gator
Alive ‘n Kickin–Alive N Kickin–Kentucky Fire
The Association–Birthday–Time for Livin’
Lighthouse–One Fine Morning–One Fine Morning
Mark Almond–Rising–What am I living for
Mayall, John–Notice to Appear–Lil Boogie in the Afternoon
Mason, Dave–It’s Like you never left–It’s like you never left