Collect/Compose Ep. 29 11/21/09

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  1. Beulah–“Score From Augusta” from When Your Heartstrings Break
  2. BLK JKS–“Banna Ba Modimo” from After Robots
  3. Alec Ounsworth–“South Philadelphia (Drug Days)” from Mo Beaty
  4. Morningbell–“It Was All Mondays” from Sincerely, Severely
  5. Rogue Wave–“Kicking The Heart Out” from Out Of The Shadow
  6. Tapes ‘n Tapes–“Insistor” from The Loon
  7. Tom Waits–“Hang Down Your Head” from Rain Dogs
  8. Spoon–“Got Nuffin” from Got Nuffin – EP
  9. The Olivia Tremor Control–“The Sylvan Screen” from Black Foliage: Animation Music
  10. Os Mutantes–“A Minha Menina” from Os Mutantes
  11. Richard Swift–“P.S. It All Falls Down” from Dressed Up for the Letdown
  12. Dr. Dog–“Hang On” from Fate
  13. Deerhunter–“Saved By Old Times” from Microcastle
  14. Paul Baribeau–“Better Than Everything Ever” from Grand Ledge

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  1. barryon 22 Nov 2009 at 1:02 pm

    Nice Rouge Wave. Keep up the good work.