Collect/Compose Ep.33 01/16/10

by admin | Playlists

  1. Andrew Bird’s Bowl of Fire–“Vidalia” from Oh! The Grandeur
  2. Deerhunter–“Saved By Old Times” from Microcastle
  3. Paleo–“When Pirates Come to Port” from Misery, Missouri
  4. Belle & Sebastian–“If She Wants Me” from Dear Catastrophe Waitress
  5. Caribou–“After Hours” from Andorra
  6. Circulatory System–“Rocks And Stones” from Signal Morning
  7. Jens Lekman–“A Postcard to Nina” from Night Falls Over Kortedala
  8. The Essex Green–“Don’t Know Why (You Stay)” from Cannibal Sea
  9. Frightened Rabbit–“My Backwards Walk” from The Midnight Organ Fight
  10. The Kinks–“Sunny Afternoon” from The Ultimate Collection
  11. Band of Horses–“No One’s Gonna Love You” from Cease To Begin
  12. Pavement–“Cataracts” from Brighten The Corners: Nicene Creedence Edition
  13. Wilco–“I’m A Wheel” from A Ghost Is Born
  14. Jay Reatard–“See/Saw” from Matador Singles ’08
  15. Jay Reatard–“Hiding In My Hole” from Matador Singles ’08