Music Mosaic #72

by ed | Playlists

Electronic sounds.

  1. 3:59 by Marsen Jules from Lazy Sunday Funerals
  2. A Touch of Heartbreak by Christopher Bissonnette from In Between Words
  3. There Is Always the Thrill of Just Beginning by Pan•American from White Bird Release
  4. Ruin Her Slowly by Désormais from Climate Variations
  5. Contrapuntal Lung Apparatus by Mitchell Akiyama from Small Explosions That Are Yours to Keep
  6. Already There by The Sight Below from Glider
  7. May Faint by aMute from Infernal Heights for a Drama
  8. Rephase V by Team Doyobi from Orch V
  9. Later Vexations by The Black Dog from Further Vexations
  10. Troidic by Casino Versus Japan from Hitori + Kaiso 1998-2001 (disc 1)