Hippie Sessions #54

by stan | Playlists

Badfinger                                         No Dice LP                                     I can’t take it

Rhinoceros                                      Better Times Are Coming LP      It’s a Groovey World

Blind Faith                                       self titled LP                                  Sea of Joy

Ballin’ Jack                                      self titledLP                                   Hold On

Blue Cheer                                       Outsideinside LP                           Just a little bit

Blues Magoos                                 Psychedelic Lollipop LP               Ain’t got nothing yet

Edgar Winter’s White Trash        Roadwork LP                                Save the Planet

Eric Anderson                                 Blue River LP                                 More Often Than Not

It’s a Beautiful Day                        Marrying Maiden LP                    Let a Woman Flow

Maria Muldaur                               Waitress at a donut factory LP Squeeze Me

Notorious Byrd Brothers              Wanted                                          LP               Wasn’t born to follow

The Rascals                                     Freedom Suite LP                         People got to be free

Spooky Tooth     Spooky Two LP   Lost in my dream