SoProRadio 05/08/10

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SoProRadio for Saturday, May 8, 5:00 pm
Your Hosts: Josh, Jason, Jacob, and Mike

Intro – Audio bed: “Press Hop (instrumental)” – DJ Steve Porter
“Hello Dali” – Morningbell
Jacob interviews local musician Rashon Medlock
“Wonderful” – India.Arie
PSA – Mentoring
More Rashon Medlock
“Love and Happiness” – Al Green
Geoff Watts of Intelligensia Coffee talks about some of the steps between unpicked coffee beans and the finished cup of coffee
“Under African Skies” – Paul Simon
More Geoff Watts
“Swordfishtrombone” – Tom Waits
Mike O’Malley talks about bees
“Skin” – Vigilantes of Love
Jacob talks about the guy who is afraid of courdaroy
“Speak to Me” – Paxico via Mexico
PSA – Giving Blood