Music Mosaic #78: House

by ed | Playlists

A mixed set featuring deep, progressive, tech, disco funk, latin and tribal tracks.

  1. Vox: Station ID + Intro
  2. Wizzle (Swing mix) by Danny Bonnici from Wizzle
  3. Air Ways by Endwise from Brazilian Disco House Vol.01
  4. Big Lie by UGLH & Federico Locchi from Dark Stars 4
  5. In My House by Samir Maslo from In My House
  6. Cue and Proud (Club mix) by Spirit Tag from Cue and Proud
  7. Manzana (feat. Carlos Inc & Lilou) by Dario Nuñez from Frutos
  8. About You (Castaldo remix) by MCJ from About You
  9. Every Day 2.0 (Sebastian Roter remix) by Nogales & Paytric from Every Day 2.0
  10. Tierra (Querida mix) by Alfonso Padilla from Tierra EP
  11. Am I Getting Crazy (D Rod’s Not So Crazy remix) by Stereo Soldiers from Am I Getting Crazy
  12. Moonraker by Dario Nuñez & David Vio from Brazilian Disco House Vol.01
  13. Xpress Yourself by Soner from Barcelona Deep House Series Volume 2
  14. My Brazil by Haldo from My Brazil
  15. Vox: track list + outro