Black Kill Death @ 11 PM 7/26

by djangri | Playlists

repeat show

Akron Family & Angels of Light Awake s/t
Wzt Hearts Hassler Threads Rope Spell Making Your Bones
Beach Boys, The You Still Believe In Me Pet Sounds
Can Splash Soon Over Babluma
Schulze, Klaus & Pete Namlook Part V Dark Side of the Moog 5:  Psychedlic Brunch
Ghost Daggma Snuffbox Immenence
Ghost Snuffbox Immenence Snuffbox Immenence
Morrison, Van Madame George T.B. Sheets
Zappa, Frank Enchidna’s Arf of You YCDTOSA Vol. 2
Zappa, Frank Don’t You Ever Wash That Thing YCDTOSA Vol. 2
Zappa, Frank Pygmy Twylyte YCDTOSA Vol. 2
Black Mountain Bright Lights In the Future
Black Dice Endless Happiness Beaches & Canyons