fear me as a dictator 18

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Track  8                       1:52 Gauze (Title in Japanese)
Unite Or Lose 1:30 FU’s -My America
The Word 4:37 Fugazi Demo 87
Sick City 1:42 The Fuses Are Lies Rock
Hate Song 5:28 Fudge Tunnel Hate Songs in E Minor
Snakes for the Divine 8:26 High on Fire Snakes for the Divine
What’s Your Claim? 0:32 Infest No Man’s Slave LP
Judgement Passed 0:24 Low Threat Profile S/T 7″
Nutrition 2:17 The Dead Milkmen Big Lizard in My Backyard
Murder Movies 1:49 Unwound Repetition
What Wolves Would Do 2:57 Les Savy Fav Lets Stay Friends
Loose Nuts On The Veladrome 2:19 Liars They Threw Us All In A Trench And Stuck A Monument On Top
Queen Of The World 3:26 Ida Maria Fortress ’round My Heart
I Wanna Be Adored 4:53 Stone Roses The Stone Roses
No New Tale To Tell 3:26 Love & Rockets Earth Sun Moon
Obstacle 1 4:11 Interpol Turn On The Bright Lights