Music Mosaic 97: Electronic

by ed | Playlists

Vox: Station ID / Intro
  1. Drift by Jan Jelinek from Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records
  2. [untitled] by Mokira from Album
  3. Far Red by Monolake from Silence
  4. CCTV by Monolake from Polygon_Cities
  5. Invisible by Monolake from Polygon_Cities
Vox: pt. I playlist
  1. The Eight Day People by Frank Bretschneider from Rhythm
  2. The Moon Is a Hole in the Sky by Frank Bretschneider from Rhythm
  3. Lightweight / Satellite by Frank Bretschneider from EXP
Vox: pt. II playlist
  1. Marching by Fluxion from Constant Limber
  2. Outbreak by AGF/Delay from Symptoms
Vox: pt. III playlist
PSA: Heart Association – Complicated