Replay Radio #132 Oct 30, 2010

by dave | Playlists

Failure’s Union – Give Way

Pink Razors – Geometric Park

Pink Razors – Too Obvious

Planes Mistaken For Stars – Pigs

Planes Mistaken For Stars – Spring Divorce

The Measure – Historical Fiction

The Measure – Fourth Of July

I Hate Myself – Caught In A Flood With The Captian Of The Cheerleading Squad

I Hate Myself – To A Husband At War

Twelve Hour Turn – No Tomorrow

Twelve Hour Turn – I Was Raised To Break

The Arrivals – The Dilema

The Arrivals – Pull Down The Willows

This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb – Memoirs From Te Secret Spot

The Bomb – Up From The Floor

Douglas Shield and The X- Factor – #10

Douglas Shield and The X-Factor – #4