Black Kill Death 11/1 @ 11 PM, 11/4 @ 1 AM

by djangri | Playlists

Repeat from December 2008

Nine Inch Nails

The Way Out Is Through The Fragile
Sunn O))) Why Dost Hide Thyself in the Clouds? Domkirke
Witch Seer s/t
Black Sabbath Wasp/Behind Wall of Sleep/N.I.B. s/t
Faith No More Woodpecker from Mars The Real Thing
Metallica Anasthesia (Pulling Teeth) Kill em’ All
Metallica No Remorse Kill em’ All
Om At Giza Conference of the Birds
King Crimson Asbury Park Live from Asbury Park
Pelican Woods Pelican EP
Sunn O))) Masks of the Aetmosphere Domkirke
Nine Inch Nails Ripe (With Decay) The Fragile