Gettin Pixelated

by admin | Playlists

(opening music – powerlifter – title screen)

random & k-murdock – galaxies
diabeats – respectable girl (dale chase remix)
ytcracker – broke in this trendy city
you suck – fell for you

(untested methods – victory with a menu option)

marc with a c – shine avenue
rappy mcrapperson – presidential history
mcrt – under the bridge
emergency pizza party – punch-out!!!

(powerlifter – star level)

king pheenix – streets of heroes & villains (masdamind’s streets of rage mashup)
schaffer the darklord – supervillain
krondor krew – i play dnd
powerlifter w/ zealous-1, shinobi onibocho & dr. awkward – usa #1 skyscraper

(lefthand – deku outpost)