Music Mosaic 105: Ambient

by ed | Playlists

An ambient set. Note that this episode features Pete Namlook who also goes by the name of Air.

Vox: Station ID / Intro
  1. Travelling Without Moving, Trip 6 by Air from Air 2: Travelling Without Moving
  2. Je suis triste et seul ici by Air from Air I
  3. State of Mind by Air from Air 5: Jeux dangereux
  4. Uva-Ursi by Biosphere from Substrata
  5. Secrets From the Flame by Numina from Eye of the Nautilus
  6. Beyond Infinity by Numina from Transparent Planet
Vox: pt. I playlist
  1. Zzyxx Road by Jon Jenkins from Beyond City Light
  2. The Dark Light by Between Interval from Radio Silence
  3. Minotaur’s Lair by Between Interval from The Edge of a Fairytale
Vox: pt. II playlist / Outro
PSA: Red Cross – Give Blood / PETA – The Donnas