Hear Her Radio 10 5/23/11

by jess | Playlists

Color Condenda – Guerrilleros de nadie

Every Man? – Niave Fighters

Bez pocitu viny – Niave Fighters

You Are Not A Victim – Meinhoof

He-Whore – Buttsteak

Nutopia – Pigface

He Took Her To A Movie – Ladytron

Girl Scout – Jack Off Jill

Do The Zombie – The Eyeliners

Lemonade – Tsunami Bomb

Puke For You – Snuka

Chopsley; Rabid Bikini Model – The Volumptous Horror Of Karen Black

Ripped – The Wives

Jenny Come On – Dressy Bessy

Gross Grace – Erase Errata

Zero Heroes – Ec8tor

Dyke March 2001 – Le Tigre