ReplayRadio #158 June 18, 2011

by dave | Playlists

Farewell Common Grounds.  Songs by Common Grounds employees.

Chris Wollard and The Ship Thieves Left To Lose 7″ Sound Study
Cutman Bulldozer Blues Big Deal 7″ Team Science
The Draft Wired In A Million Pieces No Idea
Don’s ex-Girlfriend Grand Moff Tarkin I Am The Devil’s Dog 7″ No Idea
Hometeam #1 Reason To Move To Gainesville V/A #1 Reason To Move To Gainesville No Idea
True North Victoire / Wait Wait We Speak In Code No Idea
So Pastel Save Your Face Pillow demo
Suicide Note Merci, Mercy Empty Rooms Hawthorne Street
Unitas Ballad Of The Designated Driver / Porch Life Porch Life No Idea
Army Of Ponch Those Old Hurts …so many you could never win No Idea
Averkiou I Don’t Wanna Go Out Throwing Sparks Barracuda Sound
Gunmoll Drumcliffe / Fifth Hour Hero No Idea