Music Mosaic 127: Japan

by ed | Playlists

Vox: Station ID / Intro
  1. Hisagi (album version) by Capital + DJ Nozawa from Ai/Hisagi
  2. Coastline by Tsunenori from Promising
  3. A Cup of Coffee by Dj Okawari
Vox: pt. I playlist
  1. Lazy Afternoon by Eccy from Blood The Wave
  2. Inyoubuyou (feat. Ini from Mic Jack Production) by Eccy from Blood The Wave
  3. Shared World by Eccy from Blood The Wave
Vox: pt. II playlist
  1. Whirlwind by SHING02 from 400
  2. Edo Funk by SHING02 from 400
  3. Sand Saga by SHING02 from 400
Vox: pt. III playlist
  1. Reop by Michita from Dawning
  2. New One (feat. Ojibah / Sd Junksta) by Michita from Ozora
  3. Some Other Tide by Michita from Ozora
  4. Ringabell (feat. 072) by Michita from Ozora
Vox: pt. IV playlist / Outro