20111122 back of the bus

by pelicanbone | Playlists

william burroughs-a thanksgiving prayer
shirley q. liqour-thanksgiving day 
im not eating im not anything-ed's redeeming qualities
thanksgiving hunger drive-harry chapin
roaring of the lamb-steely dan
reverend elvis and the undead syncopators-dead before you died
redd foxx-thanksgiving pussy
lettuce-king of the burgs
a charlie brown thanksgiving-george winston
rowboat-johnny cash
thanksgiving dilemma-shirley q. liquor
richard cheese-loser
the Gaturs-cold bear
tom petty-asshole
flaming lips-golden age
garrison keillor-the story of thanksgiving
devandra banhart-little yellow spider
doo rag-won't be bad no more.
thank you mario but our princess is in another castle-mountain goats and kaki king
boduf songs-ape thanks lamb